Fishing For The Mission 22

Operation Tackle 22

Operation Tackle 22 uses a therapeutic fishing model designed to help veterans heal through fishing.


It’s a peer-to-peer mentorship program that primarily concentrates on offshore fishing trips and learning the trade of Tuna fishing. Towards the end of summer, veterans enrolled in the program embark on two overnight fishing retreats guided by Captain Briggs of Outfitters to the canyons, or as some call it, the Holy Grail of fishing.

The canyons are located over 120 miles offshore on the continental shelf and has a rich habitat of whales, sharks, tuna, big-eyed, yellow fin, and blue marlin. It’s a breath-taking experience whether you like to fish or not!

As the season comes to an end, we offer each veteran enrolled in Operation Tackle 22 the chance to attend Captain’s School to learn the trade of marine navigation in hopes they can reintegrate back into a stable workforce.

After obtaining their license and required sea experience hours, they will be ready to hit the open water as a career. During the winter months, veterans enrolled will embark on a therapeutic retreat where they can experience a new fishery and continue to log their sea experience hours.